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Bob T. Kawabe, CFP®, ChFC, CLU

Bob T. Kawabe, CFP®, ChFC, CLU

Founder and Principal

Bob T. Kawabe, CFP, ChFC, CLU, CEPA is the founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Kawabe & Associates, LLC., a Virtual Family Office Firm located in Honolulu, Hawaii and Orlando, Florida.  Bob and his team, work with select groups of Successful Self-Made Family Oriented Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are looking for a much deeper meaning in life beyond financial success. Bob founded Kawabe & Associates, LLC in 1991 with the vision and the goal of making an impact in the lives of the people they serve by helping them to get the freedom they need, so they may live life on their term.

Together with his Virtual Family Office Team, Bob helps affluent clients address their FIVE biggest concerns: Preserving Wealth, Mitigating Taxes, Taking Care of those they Love, Protecting their Assets so they are not Unjustly Taken and Magnifying Charitable Gifts. 

What deeply connects Bob with the people they serve is how he helps people.  Bob is known for inspiring and providing leadership to Successful Self-Made Family Oriented Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by helping them TRANSFORM to live their "Soul Purpose in Life".  This is doing what matters the most in their life and for the people Bob and his team works with, it is not about business.  For those people, it is all about spending time with those they love and care about, doing what they are very passionate about and making an impact in the life of others.
Bob’s Mission Statement, "To touch lives to give people hope, help define their true purpose in life and help them to realize their dreams", is why he does what he does.  He wants people to have those hopes, so they can see all the possibilities of what it can be and to know their purpose, so they have the confidence to know anything in life is possible!

Bob has walked a similar path growing up and in his business career by facing numerous obstacles and adversities along the way, so he understands firsthand what it is like.  But having that HOPE and being able to see those POSSIBILITES are what kept him going. It is these real-life experiences he lived through is what gives him this unique ability to connect with people at the deepest level and be able to help them to shift their mindset, so they can see things from a totally different perspective.  This mindset shift will now allow them to see all the possibilities of what it can be in their life and that will inspire them to go after it!

“Dreams do have a way of coming true when you truly believe in them, so why not believe and know that anything in life is possible?! Let's go and take the necessary actions to make it happen!

Most important people in Bob’s life are his family. Being married to his lovely wife, Janet, for over 28 years, they are blessed to have two wonderful children, Eden and Luke, who are the sparks of their lives. Both Eden and Luke are elite soccer players. Eden played Division I Women's Soccer, and Luke also played Division I Soccer and are now preparing to play professionally.

Aside from his family, Bob’s passion is helping young adults through coaching, mentoring, and sharing his personal experiences to help them overcome some of the challenges they might be going through. Bob strongly believes this is how we can help develop the next generation of leaders to lead us into our future!

In his spare time, Bob loves to surf, work out, watch soccer, and learning and studying about personal development to improve himself. He currently splits his time between his home in Mililani, Hawaii and Orlando, Florida.