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20 June
Optimize Your Financial World


Learn how stress testing can protect your hard-earned assets and the framework of a virtual family office.

This webinar, presented by Bob Kawabe, focuses on optimizing one's financial world through their high-performing virtual family office framework. The presentation is geared towards successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and high-level individuals who want to protect their hard-earned assets and continue to take care of their loved ones. The webinar includes a discussion on how a lack of planning can lead to significant losses, as well as a presentation of their nine-driver framework, which focuses on both technical and personal solutions. The Kawabe Advisory Group's approach emphasizes the human element of financial planning, and they stress-test solutions to help close potential gaps and work towards optimal planning. The audience will learn how to benefit from the services provided by their family office and avoid potential financial disasters. This webinar is an opportunity for individuals to take the first step towards their optimal financial world by registering and learning more about the Kawabe Advisory Group's high-performing virtual family office framework.

Learn how you can optimize your financial world through our high-performing virtual family office framework. Our webinar will help you learn about stress testing and protect your hard-earned assets, even if you're not yet in the ranks of the super-rich. 

Date and Time

Tue, Jun 20, 2023

1:00p - 2:00p EST




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