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Are You Fully Prepared?  

Welcome to Kawabe & Associates, LLC.  We appreciate your time to view our website and trust you will find a wealth of information here and what makes our firm very unique.

In this ever changing world and economy, we face many complex situations and unique challenges as we progress through various phases of life.  For most, they just adapt and make it through the phases of life to achieve the success they wanted.  Yet, even with all of that financial success, we hear about people ending up losing part or sometimes even bulk of their wealth. 

It is very devastating to hear about, yet in most cases, it could have been avoided.  The key questions are, "How prepared are you, to avoid these potentially destructive situations?  Additionally, are you benefiting from all the possible opportunities that may be available to you?" 

At Kawabe & Associates, LLC, we specialize in helping our clients to see these types of potentially destructive situations and possible opportunities in advance, so they can be better prepared. With almost three decades of experience in Wealth Management with specialization in Virtual Family Office solutions, we can help address the potential overall needs of high-net-worth individuals.     

If you are a successful self-made business owner, entrepreneur or a high-net worth individual, who have made it financially and are now looking to make a greater impact in life, we might be the firm to help take you to the next phase of your life.  Please contact us to see how you can qualify for our “Stress Testing”  service.