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Our Second Opinion Offer

In this challenging economy, you might be in a complex situation or just unhappy with the advice you might be getting from your current financial advisor—it’s not uncommon. We believe that many high-net-worth investors would value a second opinion on their finances, just like they would for their health.

In order to help achieve your financial goals, we have created a complimentary second-opinion service offer. We’re pleased to offer the same expertise and guidance our clients have come to expect as a valued client of Kawabe & Associates, LLC.  Contact us to see how you can qualify for this offer.

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Risk Matching

It's rare we meet a prospective client whose portfolio is aligned with both their personal risk tolerance and  goal-based demands for risk capacity 

The first step in our investment approach is Risk Matching.  Here we identify an efficient asset allocation in line with your "risk number"

Risk matching may significantly reduce the compulsion to abandon your investment plan in times of stress, making your portfolio potentially more durable

What is Your Risk Number