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"Touch lives to give hope, define purpose and help realize dreams!"

Kawabe & Associates, LLC

About Us

As a member firm of The Wealth Consultant Group, Kawabe & Associates, LLC was founded by our Principle and Managing Partner of The Wealth Consulting Group, Bob T. Kawabe, CFP, ChFC, CLU, in March of 1991 with a very simple vision in mind.........."Touch lives to give hope, define purpose and help realize dreams"

We work as a personal CFO for successful self-made business owners, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals and help them to enrich second half of their life by maximizing what we call, "True Wealth."  This is where "Wealth" is no longer about just money, rather, it is more about what matters most in life.  For most, it is about making an impact in the lives of people they truly care about.  Their family, their community and causes that might be very important to them.  We want to help take you from Success to Significance!    

We provide high level professional service called, the “High Touch” experience to those who become our clients.  We build everything around serving our groups of clients, so we can continue to add value and maintain the solid relationships we have with them. We also have "Life Coaching" to those who are looking to further enrich their life, as part of this overall client experience.  To begin your “High Touch” experience journey with us, we use the "Five Step Wealth Management Consultative Process" we have develop over the years to make sure every detail is taken into account.  This process helps us to understand clearly, where you are currently, where you want to go, and identifying any gaps to get you there. 

To help us implement your plan with the best advise possible, in addition to our internal planning team, we may bring in outside experts from our professional network, as we believe the team approach is the best way to get the job done right.  Our goal is to take care of you the best way we can, so you can have the peace of mind to enjoy life!  

As an Independent Firm, we can be solely focused on what is in your best interest.  We sit on the same side of the table as you, so we can stay focused on what is most important…….…..helping and serving YOU!  

If you are a successful self-made business owner, entrepreneur or high net worth individual looking to make an impact in this world, we might be the firm to help you get there.  We have the right team, technology and the tools in place, along with years of  experience and the know how in this specialized area to guide you.  We would enjoy the opportunity to learn more about you, your dreams and your goals.  Please contact us and see how you can qualify for our "Second Opinion" service offer.  We look forward to meeting you!